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MAHARAJAS - Plug Sides
MAHARAJAS - Floor Killers
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MAHARAJAS - Floor Killers
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MAHARAJAS - Floor Killers

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THE MAHARAJAS - Floor Killers (Chaputa) LP

Outstanding collection featuring 14 Moody Garage gems by this great Stockholm band. Fabulous gatefold cover with artwork by Rui Ricardo, and liner notes by Mans Mansson and Mike Stax.

"Any bonehead with a guitar and a few crumbs of inspiration can write a fast rock ‘n’ roll song. It’s as easy as falling off a log. But writing and recording something moody and haunting, something redolent with yearning and mystery and dread, something that touches the heart and stays with you long after the last chord has faded is a much more difficult feat to pull off. As this collection demonstrates, the Maharajas from Stockholm, Sweden, are masters of this elusive art." - Mike Stax


1) You Said Goodbye
2) Tell Me
3) How Can I Go On?
4) Open My Eyes
5) What We Had
6) You've Gone Your Way
7) Goodby Sunshine

8) (Take A) Look at Yourself
9) The Summer Nights (Will Come)
10) Too Late to Repent
11) What More Can I Do?
12) Just Let Him Go
13) Hang Out
14) Dead