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THUS - All of Thus (CD)
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THUS - All of Thus (CD)
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THUS - All of Thus (CD)

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THUS - All of Thus (Gear Fab) CD

The name of the band was THUS -- four high school kids from upstate New York who in 1968 had the pluck and ambition to make an album of their best songs. They called it ALL OF THUS. They pressed only 265 copies via the custom pressing company Century Records and sold them at their high school.

ALL OF THUS is one of the finest teenage garage albums of the era. More than half the 12 songs are fabulous original compositions by singer/guitarist John Johnston -- some killer garage rockers, others haunting folk-rock numbers -- and the covers are all superb, imaginative interpretations, including versions of "Bells of Rhymney," "Walk On By" and the Zombies' "It's All Right With Me."

CD edition from Gear Fab including liner notes by Mike Stax.