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LIGHT - Turn on the Light

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Subject of a cover story in UT#25, THE LIGHT was a dynamic, multi-talented supergroup from California's Inland Empire. Formed early 1967, the group united the brightest talents from two of the area's most popular garage bands, the Bush and the Northside Moss. After attracting the attention of Music Machine producer Brian Ross they recorded a single for A&M Records, a Jekyll & Hyde pairing featuring a gorgeous Left-Banke-style A-side "Music Box" and a fuzz-guitar monster flipside, "Back Up." By the end of the summer they had evolved into an incendiary West Coast psychedelic rock ensemble comparable to the Buffalo Springfield or Moby Grape, but with the dual lead guitar firepower of the Beck-Page Yardbirds.

Turn on THE LIGHT is the first ever collection of the Light's music. It includes their sole 45 release plus 20 previously unreleased live and studio cuts. The full-color CD packaging includes a 16-page booklet with rare band photos plus track-by-track liner notes by the band's own Greg Eckler.

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