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PHIL & THE FRANTICS - Frantically Yours CD
PHIL & THE FRANTICS - Frantically Yours CD
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PHIL & THE FRANTICS - Frantically Yours CD

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PHIL & THE FRANTICS - Frantically Yours (Ramco) CD

Arizona's PHIL and THE FRANTICS finally get the deluxe treatment on this CD from Ramco Records. Features 26 tracks from their '60s heyday including the killers "I Must Run," "Pain," "Say That You Will," "Till You Get What You Want" and more. Digipak package includes a big 24 page booklet, with extensive liners by historian Dan Nowicki and lots of unseen pictures and vintage labels. The full story of Phil's career as told by his band mates and family, including the groups complete story as the house band at JD's and The Fifth Estate and his latter solo years as Devin Payne. Kelsey died in 2003, never achieving the fame he longed for, but his music lives on. Features high quality sound, most tracks are from the original Audio Recorders of Arizona tapes. Includes two Bonus Tracks by Beethoven Soul, never before available on CD.


1. Theme
2. I Must Run
3. Pain
4. Say That Your Will
5. Till Your Get What You Want
6. To Me
7. I'm High
8. Where Am I Running To?
9. New Orleans
10. What's Happening
11. She's My Gal
12. Ko-Ko Joe
13. Give Up
14. When
15. Exclusively Yours
16. When Ever I'm Alone
17. I'll Do It Again
18. The Last Time
19. Act Natural
20. What's Happening (alt. version)
21. Laugh At Me (Beethoven Soul)
22. Happy Man (Beethoven Soul)
23. I Must Run (stereo)
24. Pain (stereo)
25. Till You Get What You Want (stereo)
26. Theme (stereo)