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NERVOUS EATERS - Eaterville #2 CD
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NERVOUS EATERS - Eaterville #2 CD
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NERVOUS EATERS - Eaterville #2 CD

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NERVOUS EATERS - Eaterville #2 (Penniman) CD

The long-awaited second volume of unreleased recordings by this classic, killer band from Boston. Includes mostly live material never before released. But Eaterville Vol. 2 is not a compilation of low-fi recordings, rehearsals, etc., but a collection of material taken from radio broadcasts or recorded directly from the soundboard of the clubs where they used to appear almost weekly between 1976 and 1979. Here you will find more potential hits that never materialized ("Someone Else In Your Arms," "Necessities") along with alternate versions of their classics ("Hot Steel And Acid", "Red On White") and completely over the top live versions of their most explosive material ("Just Head," "Degenerate") All with remastered sound and Paul McGuire liner notes.

Hot Steel And Acid / After Your Good Times Gone / I’m A Degenerate / Necessities / You Smell Like Fish / Red On White / Just Head / On The Avenue / Someone Else In Your Arms / Last Chance / You Want Me Back Again / Loretta