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MYSTERY MACHINE - She's Not Mine 7" EP (orange vinyl)

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THE MYSTERY MACHINE - She's Not Mine + 2 (Dralasite) 7" EP (orange vinyl)

Formed in 1983 in San Diego, California, the Mystery Machine featured singer/guitarist Carl Rusk (who went on to form the Nashville Ramblers), Ray Brandes (vocals), Bill Calhoun (organ), David Klowden (drums) (soon to form the Tell-Tale Hearts) and Mark Zadarnowski (bass). The EP features a remastered "She's Not Mine," a Carl Rusk-penned original recorded in 1983 and featured on Bomp's "Battle of the Garages II" and two songs recorded in 2012, "Wood and Smoke," written by Ray Brandes, and a cover of "Show Me the Way" (originally recorded by the Free-For-All)! It comes in a beautiful Darren Grealish-designed sleeve with two full color postcards and liner notes by Mike Stax. Only 500 copies pressed (300 on black,100 each on orange and green vinyl).